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3200-4000 Gallons Vacuum Trucks/Septic Trucks

2018 Mack GU-713


Custom Vacuum Truck Sales Manufacturing National Truck Center Miami Florida 2018 Mack GU-713
Blower Tractors Dump Tanks Flat Beds Refrigerated National Truck Center Miami Florida 2018 Mack GU-713   

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New Heavy Duty 4000 Gallon U.S Tank (Meets ASME Y14.5m Code) With 5 Year Warranty, New Jurop LC-420 Liquid Cooled Razor Pack Vacuum Pump (425 CFM) With 2 Year Warranty, Rear Work Lights, New Valves, New Camlocks, Aluminum Toolbox, Aluminum Front Axle Wheels, Steel Rear Axle Wheels, Aluminum Hose Trays, Full Length Sight Tube, New Dupont Paint, Large 12 Gallon Cyclone Secondary Filter, please call 786-683-5009 / 786-801-9742 for more details.

Engine: MP8 455HP Tank Size: 4000 Gallon Tank
Mileage: 45 Front Axle: 20,000
Exhaust/Jake Brake: Yes Intermediate Axle: 13,000
Transmission: Allison Auto Rear Axle: 46,000
Vehicle Gross Weight: 79,250  


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